Optiflame fires

Flames from mirror images! The secret behind electric fires with Optiflame® technology is a rotating axis with mirrors. Bent, mutually angled mirror elements – resembling the blades of a propeller – are attached to this axis. The result is a reflecting surface which is as large and irregular as possible, on which light can break in many different ways. This contributes to the flame effect: the more separate elements are moving independently, the more realistic the flickering of the “flames” will be… just like real flames. The technique is based on the very first electric open fire, invented by the British inventor John Berry at the start of the twentieth century. Even then the reflecting axis was lit by a source of light that lit up the axis from the side upwards, directly against the dark back of the fireplace. The logs or coals in the fire bed are lit from below to give a glowing effect that is as realistic as possible.

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