Opti-myst fires

The combination of light and water mist can be enough to see “flames”. Each Dimplex fire with Opti-myst (R) technology has a water tank under the glow bed from where a transducer produces water mist. Lamps behind the water tank heat the air, which moves the mist upwards. The rising water mist is distributed on the glow bed and is reflected in the LED or halogen light.The result is a lively flickering fire effect, which looks just like a real fire. This means it is not necessary to have a dark wall at the back, and the threedimensional Opti-myst (R) flame effect is visible from all directions. The flames also react completely naturally and move with the wind. When you put your hands into the mist flames, the flames enclose your hand. The height of the flames can be adjusted, and the system is completely safe. You can add some heat to improve the temperature: various models have a built-in heating element with two settings. Enjoy the unique flame effect of your Faber fire at home. It is easily adjustable, with sparks that appear to fly from logs. This can be done with the patented electric Opti-myst® technology.

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