About Dimplex

Enjoy watching the flames

while sharing a good story.

Although Dimplex fireplaces are electric, they offer more by creating the illusion of a life-like fire: from a fascinating flame effect, glowing logs and the crackling sounds of wood to little sparks that seem to fly. A fire adds to the atmosphere and brings calm and cosiness. Dimplex is a leading producer of attractive electric fires, and has many unique designs to its name, such as the Opti-V®, the Optiflame® and the Opti-myst® technique.

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Be pleasantly surprised

by the life-like flame effect.

Our fires can be built in or placed in almost any space. A mains connection is all you need; a flue pipe is not required. It can be easily operated and is safe and durable. The luxury of a fireplace is easier to obtain than you might think. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the life-like flame effect of one of our attractive Dimplex fires!

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Types of fires

Opti- Myst

The combination of light and water mist can be enough to see “flames”.

Opti-myst fires


An electric fire immediately produces an atmosphere in a home, but also suitable for all rooms that could do with atmosphere and decoration.

Optiflame fires


Every fireplace with Dimplex Opti-Virtual® technology uses the
latest HDTV technologies to produce its fire effect.

Opti-Virtual fires


Revillusion® is our latest flame technology and a new milestone in electric fire.

Revillusion fires

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